Brendan & Roslyn Scanlan

Family Focus

WYUNA Estate’s Brendan and Roslyn Scanlan are excited about a new development in their neighbourhood – parkland and a playground.

The Scanlans have donated more than two acres of land which will be turned into parkland, in partnership with Colac Otway Shire.

Brendan and Roslyn are looking forward to seeing the park built in a way which will enable people in wheelchairs, parents pushing prams, and children riding bicycles to enjoy it with ease.

“The playground component of the park will be ideal for young children, with a half-court basketball area for teenagers, and outdoor fitness stations for young and old,” Roslyn said.

“It will be lovely to see the park come to life. It will be landscaped as part of Stage 12, with footpaths, trees and shrubs.

“We have a lot of people on the estate who walk for exercise and I know they will enjoy having easy access to the park.”

Brendan said the parkland would be a great addition to Wyuna Estate which had been developed with families’ needs always a priority, over the past 20 years.

“We’ve raised our four children here and we enjoy seeing young families moving into the Estate,” he added. “Like our neighbours, we love the peace and quiet, views of Lake Colac and the rural feel.

“We’ve recently renovated a heritage farmer’s cottage on the Estate and we’re establishing a new garden.

“We’re really proud of the quality of the design of the estate, and all the beautiful homes and gardens here. “We constantly get feedback from our neighbours about how safe and secure they feel here.”

Having built several homes on the estate Brendan said he and Roslyn were happy to meet with prospective buyers.

“People often ask us for our advice on realising their home ownership goals. Some seek practical advice such as how best to orientate their home, or which block would best suit the style of home they plan to build,” Brendan added.

“We enjoy helping people get a good start at Wyuna Estate.”